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Bring Flurries to Your Community

Regardless of your climate, you’ll be able to offer snow events to your community by becoming a franchise of Florida Flurries. It’s a great opportunity create significant income by creating winter wonderlands.

Create Income Through Snow

Regardless of where you live, you can now bring fun and exciting snow events by becoming a franchise location of Florida Flurries. Our events have proven to be successful after hold snow events in Australia for years during spring and summer months. Each event draws thousands of families to play in the snow.

Other income opportunities include merchandising, food and drink options and much more. It’s all available for you to utilize when you bring Florida Flurries to your hometown.

What You Get

Real Snow Machines

Our company provides you one or more Real Snow Machines, each proven to provide a unique snow experience to build snow events in a wide range of spaces and for indoor or outdoor use.

Our initial franchise package includes one Snowfall Plus machine, our most versatile machine.

See all of our options at Real Snow Machines.

Multi-Revenue Streams

By becoming a Florida Flurries franchise, you’ll find a wide-range of revenue streams.

You’ll be able to run your own ticketed events or provide real snow experiences for event planners and government entities. Plus, we have a wide range of merchandise options available for you.

Florida Flurries: A winter business year-round.

Marketing Assistance

Our experts in Florida and Australia have shown how to make winter events successful year-round. With a franchise for Florida Flurries, you’ll have these experts to create your signature events.

From branding to flyers to event asthetics, you’ll find everything you need to either bring the Florida Flurries to your hometown or create your own unique event customized for your area.

About Florida Flurries

Florida Flurries is bringing REAL SNOW to Florida! Starting in Australia, Florida Flurries has been entertaining families for years with real snow events in the warmest of temperatures.

With accumulations and snow fall, Florida Flurries is bringing the impossible to Florida – snow parties in shorts and flip flops starting in December 2019.

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We’re here to help create your own winter business year round by bringing snow to your community. Let us know how to help!

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