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Real Snow In Florida

Urgent alert! It’s SNOWING in FLORIDA!

That’s right, Florida Flurries is bringing its all-weather snowfalls and accumulations to the subtropical Florida climate. You can make snowballs, snowmen and snow angels in shorts and flip-flops. You’ll be amazed with the fun and excitement you and your family will have when you experience Florida Flurries!

Upcoming Events

We’ll be launching our very first Florida Flurries at Apopka’s Kit Land Nelson Park. You’ll get to play in nearly 4,000 square feet of real snow, experiencing a winter wonderland in the heart of Central Florida. January 16 – 19 and January 24 – 26.

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About Florida Flurries

Florida Flurries is bringing REAL SNOW to Florida! Starting in Australia, Florida Flurries has been entertaining families for years with real snow events in the warmest of temperatures.

With accumulations and snow fall, Florida Flurries is bringing the impossible to Florida – snow parties in shorts and flip flops starting in December 2019.

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